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Hello to all Ukeaholics!

After 25 years of playing guitar I picked up a ukulele for the first time. Years later I still can’t put it down. I once read that it was hard to play ukulele without a smile on your face. I would put it more simply…. playing ukulele makes you feel good! If you want to feel good, start playing a uke, or start listening to someone else play. There’s something about uke’s… don’t know what… but they make you feel good!!

This site was originally created to provide information on anything and everything about ukuleles. It has evolved to include some information on other stringed instruments like¬† mandolin, charango, balalaika and guitar, so you’ll now find a bit of everything here although ukulele is still king!¬† Nearly every post has a video included so there’s also lots of great viewing here.

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You’ll also find some great resources throughout the site for learning to play music. If you see something of interest please check it out to see if it’s suitable for you.

Thanks for visiting, come back often and enjoy!