The Reasons Behind The Growing Popularity Of Ukuleles In The Previous Decade

One of the best success stories in music in the last decade has been the growing popularity of ukuleles. By exploring the history of the instrument, the reasons behind the ukulele’s resurgence in sales and repute becomes clear.

An adaptation of traditional Portuguese instruments, the ukulele was first made in Hawaii in the 1880s by Manuel Nunes, Jose do Espirito Santo, and Augusto Dias. The name ukulele roughly translates as “the gift that came here, ” according to Hawaiian Queen Lili’uokalani. Their fame spread after the Panama Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco in 1915. The sound was taken up by song writers of the day and spread across the world.

Later, after World War II, the instrument became a toy. Cheap, mass produced ukuleles were fashionable amongst kids for a time. And thanks to entertainers such as George Formby and Tiny Tim, they became a joke.

But its cheaper nature was to become its salvation. As inflation and recession has gripped the world of late, people have flocked to the ukulele as an alternative to more expensive instruments. The ease of learning has been in its favor.

A few sources cite Paul McCartney playing at the “Concert for George” as the spearhead for the ukulele’s resurgence of fortune. But he is by no means the only famous musician playing them. Both Amanda Palmer and Eddie Vedder have put out ukulele based albums in the last few months, Palmer’s being entirely comprised of Radiohead covers. Magnetic Fields and Gothic Archies frontman Stephen Merritt often plays them on his albums. The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain have sold out shows all over Europe, culminating in playing the, usually quite serious, BBC Proms. And Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s almost nauseatingly ubiquitous version of ‘Over the Rainbow” has done more for drawing attention back to the uku than just about anything.

The most successful sign for ukuleles, however, is on YouTube. There are almost eighty five thousand videos on there. They vary from how to instructional videos, to original indie songs, to covers played by teenyboppers in their bedrooms and going from official high quality dvd style releases to the blurriest video you could think of. But what they all share is a deep seated affection for the instrument.

The growing popularity, or should that be rebirth, of ukuleles can be summated quite easily: they are fun. One cannot help but smile as they pluck the strings. Although easy to acquire the skills, it never fails to be amusing for both player and listener alike.

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Speak Ukulele Review

Most people know that I’ve been quite a fan of Beatniks Speak Ukulele software product for a while now and use it regularly.  Now that he has released this updated version of the software, I thought it was high time I did a speak Ukulele review for the benefit of those interested in improving their playing and in particular their ability to play by ear.

Speak Ukulele 2

Speak Ukulele 2

This is actually a sneak peak at my review because although I was planning on writing it up today, I’ve got to spend a few days with my Mum in the country who is not well….. (awwwww).  So you can expect the FULL review very soon…


Here’s what i’ll say right now.  I love the first Speak Ukulele software. It’s primary aim is to develop your ear so you can instantly recognize chords and develop an intuitive “feel” for the sounds and characteristics of different chords.  This is SO beneficial for your playing.

The new updated version, Speak Ukulele 2, is even better, with lots of new features and functionality.  If you want to go grab it now, jump over and grab the newly updated Speak Ukulele Software right now and start using it. This is definitely one to USE, don’t let it sit on your hard-drive gathering digital dust. If you use it, your playing, your ability to play by ear, and your enjoyment for playing will develop and grow, that’s a certainty.

Watch out for my full review coming very soon.

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Some Neat Musical Instruments To Study

Music calms our souls like few other things in the world. It may be quite enjoyable and inspiring or it may also be really dark or contemplative. One of the coolest methods to express yourself is by means of music. You can make use of your voice or you can also master an instrument. Here are several cool musical instruments to learn.

In relation to instruments, the first thing that practically everyone picks up is a guitar. But think about the ukulele instead. It’s smaller sized and much less complicated to carry around and it is almost certainly less difficult to study, since it only has four strings as opposed to half a dozen strings like the guitar. The majority of ukuleles will also be less costly than guitars so that is an additional factor in its favor.

It has been claimed that the instrument that comes closest to the human voice is the violin. Often the violin can make sad music and even sound like it is weeping. And at various other instances the violin may be utilized to create the most fascinating, inspiring music you’ve ever heard. It just features a extensive variety of abilities. Like the ukulele it’s small and easy to bring with you, but as opposed to the ukulele it can be a lot more costly.

The piano is a superb instrument. Just what might music be with out it? The principal issue with the piano is its weight and size. But you can steer clear of this by picking up an excellent keyboard, instead. The piano is difficult to study on your own and training will almost certainly assist greatly. But once you master it, you’ll be able to create music which touches the spirit.

Drums are really primal. Just about every culture inside the entire world has some version of the drum in their musical arsenal. Drums are easy to master, provided that you can maintain a beat. I guess some folks are born with this capability and others aren’t. You may acquire a entire set or even a individual drum that you can play using your hands.

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