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Most people know that I’ve been quite a fan of Beatniks Speak Ukulele software product for a while now and use it regularly.  Now that he has released this updated version of the software, I thought it was high time I did a speak Ukulele review for the benefit of those interested in improving their playing and in particular their ability to play by ear.

Speak Ukulele 2

Speak Ukulele 2

This is actually a sneak peak at my review because although I was planning on writing it up today, I’ve got to spend a few days with my Mum in the country who is not well….. (awwwww).  So you can expect the FULL review very soon…


Here’s what i’ll say right now.  I love the first Speak Ukulele software. It’s primary aim is to develop your ear so you can instantly recognize chords and develop an intuitive “feel” for the sounds and characteristics of different chords.  This is SO beneficial for your playing.

The new updated version, Speak Ukulele 2, is even better, with lots of new features and functionality.  If you want to go grab it now, jump over and grab the newly updated Speak Ukulele Software right now and start using it. This is definitely one to USE, don’t let it sit on your hard-drive gathering digital dust. If you use it, your playing, your ability to play by ear, and your enjoyment for playing will develop and grow, that’s a certainty.

Watch out for my full review coming very soon.

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